Below are answers to common questions.   Feel free to contact us if needed, 214-325-8110.

Yes.  We've completed projects with as many as 2000 pieces of art on the project under short time frame.  Contact us for a quote and your schedule needs.  

Yes.  We offer all thickness of acrylic, all varieties of stand-offs & edge-grips including tamper-proof and can print on a variety of metals.  Maximum acrylic or metal sheet sizes are 96" x 48".  We recommend face mounted photographic prints to the acrylic for better art impact but can also do direct printing on acrylic.  Contact us to work out your art design details.

Yes.   Plus, we can print our art on fabrics, all tile materials, & flooring materials.   Again, just reach out to us.       

Yes.  Send us a note with what you're looking for & we'll be back to you in a flash.

Email or call and we'll share the additional options.

No problem. We customize art all the time, just contact us. 

Yes. Email us and we'll provide a quote.

Email us and we'll quote it for you.

Gallery wrapped canvas from 65" x open dimension up to 96" x open dimension with special order canvas. 

Float Framed Canvas is the same.

Framed art is limited to available glass or plex sizes depending on your need.  Glass max size is 60" x 40" and plex is available in 48" x 96" sheet sizes.  Not all frame mouldings will support the weight of super sized pieces so please reach out to us to discuss your needs.

Vinyl Wallcovering is pretty unlimited in what can be done in size.  Same for 3form or other resins & specialty materials. 

Love to. Send us a note of what you'd like to do.

It's canvas that's wrapped around stretcher bars and the canvas is secured on the back of the stretcher bars, wrapping the sides of the stretcher bars.  The stretcher bars act like a frame in order to hang the art.  It's offers the advantage to go very large in size and maintain a lower cost.  Our stretcher bars are 2" deep and the canvas gallery wrap sides are a solid dark grey color.  Our art specs give more detailed information.

Canvas is stretched and gallery wrapped then framed with a type of frame moulding especially designed to make the art appear as if it's floating within the frame.  The frame moulding's face width is thin, and offers a reveal between the canvas and frame.  Our float frames are 2" deep.  

Again, our art specs give more detailed information. 

Ann's art is offered unsigned and without digital signature.

Yes, we can provide pretty much any frame moulding on the market if customizing.  

Call or email and we'll get you covered.

There are subtle variations between all monitors, screen resolutions, brightness and lighting which all can effect the color appearance of the art.  There may be slight differences in color from what you see on your screen.  Please reach out to us if you have questions. 

All our art is made by hand on your demand & is roughly 15 business days to ship depending on the time of year and quantities ordered.  If you have a more urgent schedule, please contact us as we try to meet all needs.  

Yes, call or email us to work out your phasing needs.

We will email you tracking information as soon as your order enters shipping.

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